Why Organic Cotton is right for WANTS

Why Organic Cotton is right for WANTS

Why Organic Cotton is the right choice… 

At WANTS we’re conscious of our impact on the planet. And we mean it. Constantly looking at ways to better our brand via conscious, environmentally friendly choices, our aim is to always make the right choice when it comes to minimising our impact on the world around us. 

But just how are we doing this? 

Cotton. It’s the life source of our clothes, so we want it to be good. We also want it to be good for the planet. Here are a few reasons why we’re opting for Organic Cotton…

It requires less fuel – when farming Organic Cotton, less fuel is required to create the same amount of conventional cotton, resulting in 46% less carbon emissions. 

It uses less water – you might not think much about water when it comes to producing cotton, but in reality, it uses A LOT. In comparison, Organic Cotton uses on average 91% less water than normal cotton. 

It’s free from pesticides – it’s not just the environment that needs protecting, the farmers doing the legwork are at risk too. When developing Organic Cotton, unlike its standard counterpart, no harmful chemicals are used, removing risk to farmers, and creating healthy soils in the process. It also ensures that rivers, lakes and drinking water are kept cleaner too. 

It reduces greenhouse gas emissions – when locally farmed (which is WANTS preference) air pollution is injected back into waterways, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 40%. 

It’s good for the wearer – allergies are a pain in the proverbial right? Well, did you know that Organic Cotton is hypoallergenic, making it an even more comfortable experience for the wearer.  

And it’s not just our clothes that are getting the green treatment. We’ve thought about every step of our production line too. We’ve ensured that our Polybags are made of 100% recycled material, and it turn can be recycled again, meaning that the WANTS ethos of sustainability lives on beyond a final sale. This is also true for our shipping bags where you’ll find a second seal to enable reuse for returns. Plus, all our size and brand labels are made of 100% recycled polyester and our swing tags from recycled card – just in case you thought we were missing anything.  

And don’t worry, once you start shopping at WANTS, you’ll see first-hand that our sustainability initiatives don’t compromise on quality, we’re nailing that too… 

The use of sustainable textiles is a key driver for WANTS, and we’ll do everything in our power to continually evolve this goal. The next step? Encouraging our supply chain to make the best choices too. 

Want to know more about what we’re up to? Read how we’re making near-shore manufacturing a priority here. Click here.

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