The future is near shore manufacturing

The future is near shore manufacturing

Is the future of retail near shore manufacturing? 

It should be. 

At WANTS there’s nothing we dislike more than the trend for throwaway fashion. From unimaginative clothes to the waste that comes from committing to mass-production, cheap materials, and fashion fads – we know we can do better. And we do. 

That’s why we’re waving the flag for nearshore manufacturing. But what exactly is it and why is it a more sustainable option for eco-conscious retailers like WANTS?

Nearshoring textile manufacturing means sourcing materials and creating a supply chain from as near to home as you possibly can. This has several benefits for a brand, the customer, and the planet.

First and foremost, nearshoring means less travel and a reduced carbon footprint, limiting transportation costs and overseas shipping. This minimises design to delivery time (good for the customer) and considerably lowers the impact it has on the environment (good for the planet). 

Plus, with a supply chain on your doorstep, manufacturing becomes part of the design process. This was essential to WANTS when we first began bringing our designs to life and it continues to be at the beating heart of what we do. With a nearshore policy firmly in place, we immediately have the benefit of an open and ongoing dialogue with production. And together we’re constantly working to understand how processes can be improved to lessen the impact the fashion industry has on the environment. Because if there’s one thing we’re focused on, it’s playing our part in future-proofing the sustainability of the industry for the long haul.  And it’s not just about the environment, a local supply chain means WANTS has more control over sourcing, quality, and manufacture, ensuring we produce a more premium product whose origins can be traced down to the last detail. 

Nearshoring also develops communities. By supporting regional, family-owned manufacturers we’re directly boosting local economies and communities. Providing work, opportunities, and innovation where it’s needed most. 

We’re always thinking of ways to evolve and improve, and building a resilient, local supply chain is just one of them – and we’ll continue to make every effort to make the right choices to minimise our impact. 

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